Zamtas Rolling door operator

Zamtas ZAM Series Rolling Door Openers

Powerful and Reliable Solutions for Your Rolling Doors

The ZAM series rolling door openers by Zamtas are designed to offer superior performance, combining robust strength with advanced technology. Ideal for a variety of applications, these openers are capable of handling heavy-duty tasks with ease and efficiency.


Key Features:

– Maximum Upgrade Capabilities: Suitable for doors weighing up to 1500 kg and up to 9M in height.
– Efficient Power Supply Options: Compatible with both 220V and 380V AC power sources.
– Short-Time Work System: Designed for continuous operation not exceeding 5 minutes, ensuring durability and longevity.
– Enhanced Security Features: Can be paired with manual lock buttons and security locking mechanisms for added safety.
– Durable Construction**: The aluminium alloy shell provides a solid yet lightweight structure.
– Flexible Remote Control Options: Choose between rolling code and fixed code remote controls.
– Manual Operation in Power Outages: Designed for convenient manual operation during power failures.
– Thermal Protection Device: Prevents damage to the door and motor burning, ensuring safe operation.
– Stable and Quiet Operation: Characterized by stability, low noise, and minimal vibration





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