ZAMTAS Ezy Door System

The Zamtas easy operator Features:

  • Heavy duty operator profile.
  • German Designed Gearmotor.
  • Microprocessor based controller.
  • Optional battery backup.
  • Provision to interface with building security systems.
  • Opening and closing smoothly and low noise.
  • Brushless motor with a long service life.
  • Installation is simple.

The Zamtas Eco Slider operator is suitable for framed doors up to 100kg per leaf, and clear opening width up to 2000mm.
It is adaptable to all types of door frame profiles, up to a width of 65mm, and designed for a heavy traffic flow.

The zamtas easy is a modular slider, with a motorization system, including aluminium support and cover, Gearmotor, control board, power supply and emergency battery pack. Its versatility allows to fit single and bi-parting leaf doors of different passage widths.

The motorization is preassembled and pretested, making it quick and easy to install by one person. Just fix the support profile, hang the leaves, adjust the drive unit, connect the
sensors, electro locks or other devices, and the system will be ready to use.

Technical Specifications:

Model 125 series
Door leaf Single leaf Double Leaf
Weight of door leaf Max. 150 kg Max. 2 * 120kg
Width of door leaf DW = 750-1600mm DW=655-1250mm
Width of door opening W=1450-3100mm W=2500-5000mm
Method of Installation Surface Installation
Supply power voltage AC 110-220V ± 10%,50/60 Hz
Opening Speed 150-460mm/s (adjustable)
Closing Speed 130-460mm/s (adjustable)
Door Hold- open time 0-8s(adjustable)
Manual open/close force <40 N < 50 N
Motor DC24 V. 60-70W(DC, brushless)
Working Environment Temperature -20C – 50C



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