ZAM Eco2 Barrier

Zamtas introduces the DC Barrier gate, a blend of innovative technology and robust design, ideal for managing vehicle access in various environments. These barrier gates are engineered to offer reliability, safety, and convenience.

Key Features:

– Adaptable Balance Component: Utilizes an opening deformation and holding method for easy conversion between left-side and right-side orientations.
– Four-Bar Linkage Mechanism: Ensures a soft start and slow stop for the boom, operating quickly and steadily without impact. This design reduces boom jitter and motor load, thereby extending the lifespan of the barrier gate.
– Intelligent Adjustable Speed: Offers a variable running speed ranging from 1.5s to 6s. This feature allows for intelligent speed adjustment, minimizing boom jitter and meeting diverse environmental needs.
– Auto-Reverse Functionality: In case of obstacle contact, the barrier boom automatically opens, minimizing damage and enhancing safety.
– Optimized Boom Length and Design: Comes in different lengths with an octagonal bar design, suitable for various site requirements.

Technican Specifications

Unit Model

ZAM Eco Barrier SERIES

Boom Length/Sectional Size


Octagonal Bar


Octagonal Bar


Octagonal Bar


Octagonal Bar

Open/close Time

1.5 sec

2.0 sec

3.5 sec

5.0 sec



Power Supply


Motor No-load Speed


Service Life

5 million times

Driving Method

Brushless DC motor

Protection Level


Operating Temperature


(temperature under -20℃should be equipped with electric heating plate)

Running Noise


Gross Weight

 43 KG


The ZAMDC series barrier gates by Zamtas represent a significant advancement in traffic control solutions, providing efficient, safe, and durable options for managing vehicle access.


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