Solar Power Systems

Solar power Systems.

for residential and commercial Projects.

Australian and European Stanards , high quality long service life solar panels, Inverters and products.

we design a sustainable envery system to fulfil your essential enervy needs.

All our  products and designed and made as per Australiand and International Standards.

Say Goodbye To High Electricity Bills With Our range of solar systems from 3.5KW,6.6kW, 10W, 13.5KW and higher Solar Panel System

More and more people are looking for solar system cost-effective and reliable energy solutions with increasing household budgets. Solar energy is capable to be the solution for this issue. But to get the most from the investment, you have to choose the right system.

Solar Power System is composed of

Solar Panels

400W to 540W solar Panels.

MONO Half-cut Single Double Glass Module
MONO half-cut single glass module, assembled with muti-busbar PERC technique and half-cut structure, offer the advantages of higher power output, reduce shading effect on the energy generation, enhance the mechanical load bearing capacity as well.

Product Parameters
Type Model Rated
Maximum Power (Watts)
Maximun Power Voltage [Vmp] Maximum Power Current [lmp] Open-Circut
Voltage [Voc]
Current [lsc]
MONO ZAM M120-400W 400W 1790x1060x35 20 35V 11.4 41 12.2
MONO ZAM M132-450W 450W 1963x1060x35 20.2 39V 11.5 46 12.2
MONO ZAM M144-540W 540W 2279x1134x35 27.3 41.62V 12.89 49.55 13.89



  1. (5KW Solar Hybrid Inverter)  IVGM 5000W 48V 5 Years Warranty Solar Hybrid Inverter White Fashion Style Pure Sine Wave Inverter IP65 Outdoor Inverter
  2. (10Kw Solar Hybrid Inverter)
    IVGM 10000W 600V Three Phase 10KVA Commercial Usage Inverter IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Inverter with MPPT Charge Controller
  3. IVGM Hybrid Inverter 10000W 48V Best 10kw Hybrid Grid Tie Pure Sine Wave Inverter For Home
  4. (10KVA off Grid Inverter)
    IVPM 10KVA 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter With 120A MPPT Charger High Frequency Inverter
    AC Widely Input Voltage
    Max. Charging Current
    Nominal Input Voltage
    we have more options of inverters to chose from, for more information contact us.

and optional battery Back up Systems.


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