ZAM Road Blocker

These types of road-blockers are designed specifically for purposes of effective vehicle access control implementation. Various modifications as well as installation options makes these types of a road blocker a definitive solution to match large part of tasks

Road Blocker

Model: LZZ-3000

Standard speed: <4 seconds



Tyre Killer

Model: ZAM-TK

Single direction access control

Speed Bump With Rising Kerb

Model: ZAM-SB

Surface or Submerged installation options


Indeed, road-blockers are specifically designed to provide effective vehicle access control in various scenarios. They are robust barriers that are capable of stopping or blocking vehicles from entering restricted areas. With their versatility and customization options, road-blockers can be tailored to meet a wide range of access control requirements. Here are some key points regarding the effectiveness and customization of road-blockers:

  1. Effective Vehicle Access Control: Road-blockers are designed to effectively control and restrict vehicle access to specific areas. They serve as a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering protected zones, such as government buildings, military facilities, airports, or sensitive installations.
  2. Modifications and Installation Options: Road-blockers can be customized and modified to suit specific requirements. This includes variations in size, height, and strength to accommodate different levels of security needs. Additionally, road-blockers can be installed in various configurations, such as surface-mounted or shallow-mounted, depending on the site conditions and access control objectives.
  3. Definitive Solution: Road-blockers offer a definitive solution for many access control tasks. Their sturdy construction and ability to withstand impact make them highly effective at preventing unauthorized vehicle entry. Road-blockers are designed to withstand various weather conditions and provide reliable performance over extended periods


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