High-Speed Doors are an effective way of reducing the sound of noisy plant and guard machinery, saving energy consumption in heated or air-conditioned buildings and dividing areas in manufacturing facilities in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Doors with Intelligence
speed up to 2.5m/s
No metal to metal contact
Counterbalance system, spiral design
Hard High Speed Door Industrial use

The high-speed roller door combines the efficiency and space-saving qualities of a high-speed roller door with the efficiency and practicality of an insulated roller door to offer a door that can be used either inside or on the outside of a building – 2 industrial roller doors in one!! This is the future for all energy-efficient industrial doors with low maintenance costs and very low wear and tear from use.

The high-speed doors offer fasting opening and closing for high -traffic situations. It is made using rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door. Among high-speed doors, The hard high-speed doors are revolutionary: Two-door systems have been combined in a single design. It is a burglar-proof, weather-proof, high-speed exterior door to meet different demands. The hard high-speed doors are extremely fast, safe, and reliable exterior doors. The door panel consists of double-wall aluminum laths, thermally separated profiles that provide for the best in heat insulation. Any require light entry will be constructed as necessary from multi-clear view laths of Acryglas. The widest range of equipment and extensive accessories distinguish the high-speed spiral doors as the model for today’s door technology.


  • Radar sensors
  • Pull cord
  • Remote control
  • Loop detectors
  • Push-button

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