ZAM Eco Barrier

  • ZAMTAS Parking Barrier
  • Model ZAM-EASY-125
  • Boom Length up to 4M
  • Opening and Closing Speed 3 Sec.

The ZAMTAS Parking Barrier model ZAM-Eco-125-4M is a specifically designed barrier system for parking and access control applications. Here are the key features of this parking barrier:

  1. Boom Length up to 4M: This model of the ZAMTAS Parking Barrier supports a boom length of up to 4 meters. The boom refers to the horizontal arm or bar that extends across the entrance or exit point to control vehicle access.
  2. Opening and Closing Speed 3 Sec: The ZAM-EASY-4M barrier offers a fast operation speed with an opening and closing time of approximately 3 seconds. This swift operation allows for efficient and smooth vehicle flow, reducing waiting times for drivers.
  3. Stronger, Quieter, and Compact: This parking barrier is designed with a focus on strength, quiet operation, and compactness. The barrier system is built to withstand regular usage and external conditions while maintaining its performance and durability. It is engineered to minimize noise during operation, ensuring a quieter experience for users. The compact design allows for easier installation and integration into parking areas with limited space.

The ZAMTAS Parking Barrier, model ZAM-EASY-4M, is an ideal solution for parking and access control applications where a reliable, fast, and robust barrier system is required. Its 4-meter boom length, 3-second opening and closing speed, along with its strength, quietness, and compact design, make it suitable for various parking facilities and access control scenarios.

Technical Features


 Boom arm length


Opening and closing times

 3 sec (4m)


220V/110V +-10%



Motor power consumption


Working temperature

-40°to 85°

Housing dimension


Weight not including barrier boom



Torque motor

Maximum Remote Control Distance


For more Information: boom barriers


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