Innovative 5 Sliding Door.

Heavy Duty Automatic Sliding Door Operator

The innovative 5 operator is suitable for frameless and framed
doors up to 200kg per leaf, and clear opening width up to
It is adaptable to all types of door frame profiles, up to a width
of 65mm, and designed for a heavy traffic flow.

The innovative 5is a modularslider, with a motorisation system
of a length of 570mm, including aluminium support and
cover, DUNKER gearmotor, control board, power supply and
emergency battery pack. Its versatility allows to fit single and
bi-parting leaf doors of different passage widths.

The motorisation is preassembled and pretested, making it
quick and easy to install by one person. Just fix the support
profile, hang the leaves, adjust the drive unit, connect the
sensors, electrolocks or other devices, and the system will be
ready to use.

Powerful: The right operator for higher and heavier doors.
Safety: Designed in compliance with the safety standards
Movement: S ilent and dynamic movement on opening and
on closing
Use: Intensive
Encoder: Precise control of the door positioning.

The Innovative 5 operator Features:

  1. Heavy duty operator profile.
  2. German Designed Gearmotor.
  3. Microprocessor based controller.
  4. Digital Programmer for mode operation.
  5. Optional battery backup.
  6. Provision to interface with building secuirty systems.


• Motor: Permanent magnet motor of 24Vdc
• Carriers: Strong, adjustable and made up of three interchangeable
The central wheel prevents possible derailments due to impacts.
• Belt: Neoprene with a fiberglass core HTD 8m (8mm tooth pitch).
• Controller: Microproccers control which allows a very precise movement
It monitorsthe motorintensity &temperature,the battery voltage& charge
level, the electromagnetic lock position, and the safety sensors.
Motor force control system with obstacle detection for users’ safety.
Same controller for all zamtas sliding door operators.
• Battery: Fail safe / fail scoure system in case of a power supply failure.

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