Infrared Sensor

Key specifications for this product include a maximum installation height of 3m, a sensing distance ranging from 0.2m to 2m, an output maintaining time of approximately 2 seconds, power supply compatibility with AC/DC 12-36V, and overall dimensions of 221mm x 74mm x 35mm.

  • This product is suitable for narrow building environments situated close to the street, offering precise detection capabilities. It features adjustable detection sensing distance, high resistance to interference, user-friendly operation, and reliable performance.
  • The maximum installation height for this product is 3m, while the sensing distance ranges from 0.2m to 2m. The output maintaining time is approximately 2 seconds, and it can be powered by AC/DC 12-36V. With dimensions of 2217435mm, it is compact and space efficient.

For detailed information please visit: reflective-type-infrared-detector


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