Automtic Platform Gates (APG)

Automatic Platform Gate (APG)

Half Height APG Gates

Main features:
Stainless steel / aluminum structure
Bottom supported, 1.2-1.5m high
Maximize passenger safety on platforms Suitable for new and retrofit ground and elevated stations
Applications: Metro, LRT, BRT, and high-speed
train stations.

Automtic Platform Gates (APG)  Platform Screen Doors

Platform Screen Door Driving System uses brushless DC motor (24V, 100W) as its drive force, which is output by worm and gear. Synchronous belt then change the totative movement of motor into linear reciprocating movement of door to open  and close the sliding door. Self-locking of sliding door is managed by controlling the motor driving program. When the sliding door meet with any obstruction during closing, controller will receive a signal and send out a command to open the door to prevent any
injury or damage.

Technical Specification:

• Total length of each PSD door up to 3.42 m can be customized.
• Total height of door configuration: 1.26 m can be customized
• Opening of sliding door : 1.5m can be customized
• Width of stationary enclosure: 180mm
• Precision of vehicle parking: ±100mm
• Door closing force: ≤120N (measured at 1/3 of the way of closing)
• Kinetic energy of sliding door within the last 100mm of closing: ≤1J
• Max. kinetic energy during door closing: ≤10J
• Noise level at station: 70dB(A)
• Opening time of sliding door: Adjustable at 2.5±0.1s ~ 3.0±0.1s
• Closing time of sliding door: Adjustable at 3.0±0.1s ~ 3.5±0.1s
• Reopening times when meeting with obstacle: Adjustable at 3 times
• Manual opening force: ≤133N
• Reaction time of door after commanding on Station Controlling System: ≤0.3s
• Life span of complete system: ≥20years
• Power supply: AC input: AC220±10% V Rating frequency: 50±0.5Hz
• System grounding: TN-S
• Voltage endurance: In accordance with IEC standard (for pneumatic-electrical units and devices in PSD),
be able to stand for 1 min. under line-frequency 2kV, 50Hz.




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