ZAM Foot Activation Sensor

This device is widely utilized in hospital operating rooms and laboratories due to its user-friendly controls and specialized features that effectively minimize hand contamination

  • This device finds extensive usage in hospital operating rooms and laboratories. It is designed with user-friendly controls and features that prevent hand pollution.
  • The device utilizes active infrared ray modulation-demodulation technology, controlled by a microcomputer.
  • Key specifications include a relay output action time of ≤45ms, a supervisory signal of 4.5mA, and a power input range of 12-36V AC/DC. The power consumption is approximately 82mA. The electric eye has dimensions of 149mm (length) x 13mm (diameter), while the outer cover measures 186mm x 175mm x 60mm. The internal size is 118mm (length) x 100mm (width) x 54mm (hole height).

For detailed information please visit:foot-sensor-switch


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