ZAM 2S General AirShower

  • Blow way: Single blow/Double blow/Three blow/surrounded blow/Vertical blow
  • SS nozzle diameter: ø25mm
  • Material: powder coated steel/stainless steel
  • Controller: Electronic control panel/ PLC
  • Power supply: 220V/380V
  • Dimensions: Customized

With advanced motion sensors and intelligent automation, our automatic shower detects the presence of personnel or equipment, initiating the decontamination process seamlessly. No manual activation is required, saving valuable time and ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning with every use.

Equipped with high-velocity air jets strategically positioned for optimal coverage, our automatic shower swiftly and effectively removes particles and contaminants, leaving no room for compromise. The precise control and adjustable settings allow for customization to suit different applications and cleanliness requirements.

Beyond its remarkable cleaning capabilities, our automatic shower offers unparalleled convenience. Integrated with user-friendly interfaces, it allows for easy monitoring and control of decontamination cycles. Customizable programming options enable efficient workflow management and seamless integration with facility operations.

The latest innovation

  1. On the basis of normal air shower, automatic air shower cancel manual door closers and it achieved interlocking system and infrared sensing automatic open door system. It avoids pollution from dirty air and dust and develop our technology.
  2. Automatic sound tips: the automatic control system, emergency stop system, these all systems give user more safety and convenient.

Application Areas

  • Electronic
  • Biological manufacturing industry
  • Medical industry
  • Food processing
  • Automobile manufacturing industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Dust-free painting industry and other industries.

For more information, please refer to: Automatic-Air-Shower


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