ZAM Slider 600

Model no: ZAM-I-SLG600KG

Complete automation 230 Vac for sliding gates up to 600 Kg.

Autoset MOVEO 600Kg includes:
• Number=1 of- MOVEO 600Kg 230V irreversible Gearmotor 230 Vac with BIOS1 control unit on board and backing plate.
• Number=2 of- 2 channel rolling code transmitters B.RO2WN.
• Number=1 of- AL433 antenna insert.
• Number=1 of- B.RO LIGHT FIX 230 Vac flashing light.
• Number=1 of- SUP L holder for wall.
• Number=1 of- pair of FTALL7 photocells.

At ZAMTAS we specialize in Gate Automation, such as Automatic Sliding Gate Operator for residential and industrial use.
We have a range of models to cope with both domestic and commercial Automatic Sliding Gates. The motor units are secure and space saving and the system has a lockable release mechanism in the event of a power failure.
Long Life of these gate motors is insured by constant, complete oil bath lubrication of mechanical components plus assembly in a high resistance pressure-cast aluminum body.
Electric Gate Openers are an effective way to keep people safe at home or in work places. Built-in Lockable mechanism also provides secured gate Operation.

For more information click here: sliding Gate operator 600kg


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