ZAM Swing G 400

Complete automation 230 Vac for wing gates up to 3 meters and 250 Kg.

Autoset KINEO 400 includes:
• Number=2 of KINEO 400 irreversible gearmotors 230 Vac.
• Number=1 of BIOS2 control unit in box.
• Number=2 of 2 channel rolling code transmitters B.RO2WN.
• Number=1 of AL433 antenna insert.
• Number=1 of B.RO LIGHT FIX 230 Vac flashing light.
• Number=1 of SUP L holder for wall.
• Number=1 of pair of FTALL7 photocells.

Residential Swing Gate System

The all-metal gears and the linearity of its form make this Gearmotor the best combination of aesthetics and technology.
Cutting-edge mechanical technology, resistant and high-performing, combined with integrated electronics compatible with BIOS series control units (BIOS2, BIOS2 24, and BIOS2 ECO) and with an unprecedented number of functionalities.
Available in different versions, depending on requirements, also for 24Vdc intensive use.


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