ZAM Slider 1500

Model no: ZAM-I-SLG1500KG

At ZAMTAS we specialize in Gate Automation, such as Automatic Sliding Gate Operator for
residential and industrial use.
Gearmotor designed for heavy and intensive use.
Available in two versions:
KALOS XL 24V POWER Version for sliding gates up to 1500Kg, for intensive use
KALOS XL 24V POWERSPEED . Fast version for gates up to 1000kg, 20 m / minute.
Power and total control of movement at your service:
The new BIOS1 24 POWER is designed on two levels, separate control and power,
specifically for KALOS XL POWER, with integrated “H” bridge .
The control unit is capable of controlling the flow of power and the speed of the motor in
direct operation and in the slowdown phases, allowing the user to obtain a precise and refined
movement in all conditions

Attention to details
Very compact dimensions
Practical to install
Moving shafts mounted on bearings
Modular assembly
Built-in BIOS control unit
433MHz radio receiver integrated in the BIOS control unit
Mechanical limit switches on opening and closing, versions with magnetic limit switches available on request.

Technical Features:

Technical features 24V POWER 1500 24V POWERSPEED 1000
Power supply 230 Vac
50Hz (V)
V120 Vac
60Hz (V)
Motor power supply 24Vdc (V) 24Vdc (V)
Maximum gate weight 1500 (Kg) 1000 (Kg)
Speed 10…12 (m/min) 20 (m/min)
Maximum thrust 500 (N) 500 (N)
Service 30(%) 30(%)
Recommended daily cycles  

400 (n°)



Guaranteed consecutive cycles 50 (n°) 40 (n°)
Guaranteed consecutive cycles
Stroke: 4,5m


50 (n°)



40 (n°)

Protection class 44 (IP) 44 (IP)
Control unit BIOS1 24 POWER BIOS1 24 POWER

For more information click here: Automatic Sliding Gate Operator 1500kg


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