Commercial Sliding Doors

Automatic Sliding Doors
Here are some of the benefits of using automatic sliding doors:

· Convenience: Automatic doors open and close automatically, eliminating the need to push or pull on a door. This is especially helpful for people with disabilities, those carrying packages, or people entering and exiting with their hands full.

· Accessibility: Automatic doors are compliant with accessibility standards, ensuring easy access for everyone.

· Safety: Automatic doors with safety sensors can help to prevent injuries by stopping or reversing if they detect someone or something in the doorway.

· Energy efficiency: Automatic doors can help to improve energy efficiency by reducing drafts and heat loss or gain, especially in high-traffic areas.

· Aesthetics: Automatic sliding doors can add a modern and sleek look to any building.

Automatic sliding doors are commonly seen in a variety of locations including:

· Retail stores: They allow for easy flow of customers and shopping carts.

· Office buildings: They create a more professional and welcoming entrance.

· Airports: They handle high volumes of traffic efficiently.

· Hospitals: They can help to control the spread of germs by minimizing the need to touch surfaces.

· Hotels: They provide a convenient and stylish entrance for guests.

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