Automatic Sliding Doors

Main Features:
-Quiet operation,
-Optional high-security locking and battery back up system,
-Energy Efficient.

Options for opening and closing of the door:
-Sensors or
-Remote control or
-Simple touch

Areas to use:
-Public and Commercial buildings.
-Shopping Malls
-According to your need and Many more.

The flexibility, simplicity, and convenience of sliding doors make them a classic. Sliding doors can save you space as well as provide a modern, aesthetically pleasing finish to your entranceway. Sliding doors provide high levels of comfort, safety, reliability, and superb energy savings. Designed to operate at its best every time and in any environment. Nowadays sliding doors have been a popular choice for most applications.


The following functions can be selected by the use of the mode switch.

  • Auto: Doors are operated automatically via the movement sensors.
  • Open: Doors maintained in open positions continuously.
  • Exit: Doors remain closed activated only by exiting traffic.
  • Lock: Doors remain closed and locked where optional electric lock function has been installed. Exit by way of the emergency exit button.

Automatic Door Operators:

NGA- Framed DoorHeavy duty Door operator for Aluminium Framed Doors

NGF- Framless Door
Frameless sliding Door – NGF Brochure
adis-automatic-doors-system-NGT-System_1195NGT-Telescopic Door
Telescopic Sliding Door -NGT Brochure

NG-BOS -Breakout Sliding Door
disable door
Pharmaceutical | Industrial Doors  

Hermatic Door 

Automatic Door Sensors and Accessories for door Activation

  1. Sensors for its Operation(Safety sensors | Opening and closing sensors)
ixio-d for industrial doors
Model: Safety and Activation 
applications sliding combined solution
Application: The IXIO-D is a sensor that combines radar technology for the activation of the door and infrared technology for user protection. The unidirectional radar enables energy savings to be made. The three-dimensional infrared curtain protects people from any contact with the doors. 
Model: EAGLE  5 and ^ uni and bi directional sensor for door activation. The EAGLE is a microwave sensor that can be mounted on all types of automatic doors, irrespective of the surroundings. The EAGLE ONE is a unidirectional motion sensor for standard automatic doors. The EAGLE ONE HM can be used for high mounting up to 5 m. The EAGLE THREE-N is a unidirectional motion sensor specially designed for self-monitored escape route doors. The configuration of parameters is flexible and easy via the remote control or push buttons.sliding doors opening.
Toucheless Activation Switch
Sensing range from 100mm to 200mmOur contactless solution comprises a radar that reacts to every intentional approaching movement and enables activation of the door without any physical contact with the sensor. In addition to comfort in use, the sensor offers a hygienic opening solution for the retail, pharmaceutical, chemical, and healthcare sectors.

Live Projects: