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Automatic Sliding Doors

Here are some of the benefits of using automatic sliding doors:

  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Aesthetics

Automatic sliding doors are commonly seen in a variety of locations including:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
Automatic Swing doors

The ZAMTAS automatic swing operators for automation of single and double leaf, wooden frame doors, steel frame doors, aluminium framed doors, industrial swing doors, hospital doors, and disabled entry doors, with door weights from 100kg to 300kg.

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Control access
  • Aesthetics
  • Application: Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Airports, Toilet Doors, Disabled Entry Door, Industrial Doors.
  • Models: ZAM-SW100, ZAM-SW200, ZAM-SW300
Automatic Swing Gates

Automatic Swing Gate motors, surface mounted, underground for residential and commercial.

Swing Gate motors, remote controlled, Provision to interface with building security systems, and access control systems, 

our motors can automate gates with weights from 200kg to 400kg, and above, and gate panel widths from 2m to 4m per wing.

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Control access
  • Aesthetics
Automatic Sliding Gates

Automatic Gate operator for sliding gates up to 4000kg.

Intensive Use, remote controlled, key switch, Mobile Phone app control activation options.Provision to interace with building security systems, access control systems, keypad entry control etc.

Automatic gates are commonly used in a variety of locations such as:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties:
  • Gated communities
  • Farms and ranches
  • Factory Gates
  • Industrial Warehouse Gates
  • Large Size Steel Sliding Gates
Automatic Boom Barriers

Traffic Barriers for passages up to 6m, designed and made for different entry/exit control applications including factory entry control, car park entry control, warehouses, housing estate entry control, RFID long-range access controlled, ETAG Systems, Available in various boom lengths and opening and closing speeds. Solar-operated Option is also available.


  • Toll booths
  • Parking lots
  • Gated communities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Event venues.
  • Warehouses and industrial facilities: Securing entrances and exits for inventory control.
  • One-way Entry and Exit control using loop or sensor activation.
Industrial Doors for Factories, Warehouse, Storage Area, and Commercial Area/ Large Retail Shops.

.Automatic roll-up industrial doors are commonly used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Warehouses: For securing inventory and controlling access to storage areas.
  • Manufacturing facilities: For separating work areas and controlling environmental factors like dust and temperature.
  • Loading docks: For creating a weatherproof seal around deliveries.
  • Fire stations: For allowing rapid response to emergencies.



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